Archdiocese of Southwark

Service for Deaf

and Hard of Hearing People

BSL Interpreters

Need a BSL Interpreter for a group of deaf & hard of hearing people promoting visual life and support with British Sign Language (BSL)? Please click on this link and find out what BSL can do to help deaf people to participate in the life of the Church, especially with the unique sign language, history and visual culture.


Would you like to join us and learn general British Sign Language to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people and participate in Mass signed regularly? Please contact us below.


We invite you to join other deaf, hard of hearing people and friends on your spiritual journey. Please contact Jan for more details.


Angelcam – Live-stream videos of Signed Mass by Fr. Jim Clarke and participants of the Catholic Deaf Association in Manchester. Every Sunday at 11.30am.

BSL Business

This would be useful for Deaf people to find support for everyday lives by SignVideo.


Discover your great potential by meeting other deaf people and their friends in the same situation as yourself in the Catholic Deaf Association. The Association supports different deaf and hard of hearing people nationally. Access videos in British Sign Language about deaf people and friends here.


Access British Sign Language Interpreters to communicate with British Sign Language users for baptism, weddings, funerals and special events at St. George’s Cathedral and Aylesford Priory, Kent.

CDA Videos

Videos of Signed Masses by Rev. Paul Fletcher SJ and Liturgical Readings signed by Peter McDonough of the Catholic Deaf Association.


General news about deaf people and participators in the Catholic Deaf Community in the United Kingdom especially members of the Catholic Deaf Association.

Please contact by email if you have any questions about the service. deafservice@rcaos.org.uk

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